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December 3, 2011

Ab 'Bus' vi karo

Sweating my armpits off in a crowded bus isn't exactly my idea of fun.
The problem with sweaty underarms......
They STINK!!!!!!

Getting to sit in the bus is so distant a dream,so many light years away,that I don't even look around for who is vacating a seat in my vicinity.Hope is a killer 'coz it disappoints. Hoping for the rarest of rare opportunities for me to get a sitting place in a bus is one expectation I can do without.
Trust me....this really isn't that IMAGINARY!!!!

Riding in a packed public bus is a strenuous exercise routine in itself. I have no accurate way to calculate the amount of calories it consumes, but I am pretty sure it is more effective than all the weight-loss products they advertise on all those confounded tele-shopping programmes.
Now that I've told you a better,cost-effective way of burning fat,these guys are planning to sue the balls outta me!!!!!!

After an hour long journey in a bus from hell, my shoulders, arms and legs take a beating which the gladiators must have taken in the ol' days of Roman amphitheaters.
After the bus ride.

The amount of nudging, pushing, shoving, poking I am having to endure day in day out makes me feel that running a 10 km marathon would be a breeze compared to this. At least there my body will have more than a 6-inch radius circle to claim as its personal space. In an average  bus during those bloody office hours, a six-inch radius circle is a luxury which will be afforded to you only under the luckiest of circumstances.

In the three years I spent outside my home-town ,I always chose my home to be in an area close to my office.So all these sweet and pleasant,comfortable and cozy rides home which I get these days was an unfamiliar concept to me so far.When I was a student in my home-town, I mean I used to stare at those jam-packed buses and would be like 'Tch..Tch...How do these people even think about climbing into those pig-sty-like-crowded shit-boxes-on-wheels?'Well,now I know. Necessity is the mom of invention.This kind of suffering is the son of desperation. Public conveyance from my office area is always overflowing with commuters. Be it a hot stinky bus which charges 8 rupees or an AC Volvo which charges 20. Buses can't do without the crowd it seems. It is as important to it as the fuel it runs on.Sigh....
This pic is funny only as long as you are not in it..



  1. :D Reminds me of my first year in college, after which I permanently shifted to metro rides, though they proved to be circuitous. Today, even the metros are not much better than the busses, but the AC and speed compensate for everything else. All the best for your but travels!

  2. you have to travel in the killer bus aka public bus in kerala, and trust me you wil eat your words :D ... its a risk worth taking , and an awesome ride as well ..:D ..

    P:S - I liked your earlier posts far better than these :( .. sigh.. newys happy writing :)

  3. I think u're talking abt Mumbai, coz I cant imagine a more crowded city, not just in India else where too.
    During college days, I'd prefer walking from Gamdevi to Churchgate rather thn bus or train during peak hours.

  4. @menachery U didn't like this post???? :-( :-( :-(
    Well I guess it is understandable.These are 'Rant Posts'....dealing with my problems and my reactions to them.:-) They don't quite have that same kinda appeal that a story like Love Game has.:-)

  5. @Saumya //All the best for your BUT travels????
    :-P LOL....u did it on purpose or by mistake???? Bus travels are a pain in the butt for sure....

  6. @Pooja I am talking about Kolkata.Close competitor to Mumbai in terms of crowded-ness....:-P

  7. What would happen if you were in a local bus? :P

  8. yea tellme bout it, buses and there stink, getting stuck, i've even managed to miss my stop so many times, its majorly annoying >.<

  9. Ha ha..buses are crowded everywhere . I have been travelling in buses from past 12 years and I have loathed it. But, I kinda missed them when I was taking the office cab..the people, the conversations with strangers,the daily fights..somehow added to the charm.

    Even now I take a bus to office. The only thing that has changed is I don't climb a bus if there is no seat . Now, I just sit and watch people standing and sweating it out:)

  10. na na, kaafi acchi hai , lekin it kinda misses the "Monumental Crankiness" bit :) .... exactly, our stories require loads of innovative ideas, and it takes hell lotta work for dat, these are normal waale posts, isliye :) ...

    Hoping to know how love game winds up :P ...

  11. @Everyone He he.Thanks.:-) Bus is a painful experience everywhere it seems.

  12. @Pooja Sorry about the last post.:-) Peace.

  13. Son of there, done that and doing so in NYC commute. Believe me finding a seat is a luxury even here.

  14. Hahahah.... This is really funny... And TRUE.