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December 31, 2011

Something for you guys......

A year draws to a close on this day. :-) And so does my three-month stint in the blogoverse.This day,I think I should blog a little about tall the people who made my blogging experience so enjoyable and fruitful here.There are some bloggers I can't resist reading whenever they put something up. There are some I absolutely relish talking with. There are some who captivate me with their thoughts and ideas. Below is the list of those awesome writers I want to dedicate this blog to. Clicking on the pictures will take you to the blogger profile of the respective blogger.So keep clicking!!!!!!!:-)

Dawn Zhang 
There are writers and then there are brilliant writers.She is one powerhouse of a content machine who packs such awesomeness in her creations that once you've read her ,you are left with just no option but to keep coming back to her.:-) She describes herself as a "feminist bitch". Don't know about the bitch part, but her strong and unequivocal writing tone has all the qualities of a warrior ready to kick any nuisance-maker's butt!
Naughtiness and niceness live in perfect harmony in this just turned 18 girl. Her writings are good,her nature even better.She is one of those bloggers who make me smile when I am down and out.She is one of the reasons I keep blogging even when I feel like quitting.:-)
Well she is a model!Not only a fashion model,but a model friend and a model human being as well. She goes to such lengths to help out her friends which you cannot even begin to imagine.And despite being famous enough for Google to immediately recognize and suggest her name in searches,she is humility personified.She is one of those persons who make me believe that success doesn't always get to one's head. :-)
I often say of her writings,be they poems,stories or just reflections,that Awesomeness Has Just Been Crystallized. :-) A talented prodigy,she is just seventeen. One day we will read books written by her which will give Chetan Bhagat a run for his money.I am just waiting for that day with eager anticipation.
Red Handed
I can run out of adjectives to describe her talent but I will never be able to do justice to her potential.One of the most popular bloggers around,I hope she continues to entertain and enthrall her readers like only she can.:-) I have no idea what she looks like.So I chose this picture for has that mysterious aura to it....;-)

She creates multi-hued writings with a narrative style as fluid as water. Once you start reading her stuff you can't put it down.Plus her blog design is the object of a lot of people's envy and admiration.:-)
Spaceman Spiff 
I find a lot of similarities between Spiff and Red Handed. Both are insanely humorous, intelligent and damn fine writers. And yes,Spiff is a die-hard Calvin & Hobbes fan.And Suzie is such an important part of that comics strip.I wonder why she doesn't change her name to Spacewoman Suzie.:-) But whatever name she goes by,her writing will always pack the punch of 10 thousand lighting bulbs!!!
The Dragon In the Skin Of a Goat
Her name is Shetty,Priyanka Shetty. Considering her initials P and S,me thinks it would always make perfect sense for her BF/Husband to write a letter to her and ending it with "P.S. I LOVE YOU"....... ;-) My stupid jokes apart,let me tell you that this gal is absolutely kick-ass. She has been through a lot in her life,and every hardship has just strengthened her until she has become as sharp as steel but with a heart of gold.Some love her,some hate her.....some fear her......and she is one fantastic writer....and a fabulous human being....:-)
  A soul with the gentleness of an angel, she is the embodiment of a lot of virtues which every parent want in their daughter. No matter how 'crappily' I praise her, she will flood me with profuse gratitude.She was my first follower by the way.....:-) and so somewhere in my mind her presence will always remain special.
You should read her poems. They will make you fall in love with poetry if you are not already.:-) Another talent powerhouse which makes my reading experience all the more rewarding.
Princess Fiona
Wisdom and kindness personified, this lady from Scotland reinforces my conviction that there are still a few good men and women left in this world.And her poems....:-) Rhyming,rhythmic and meaningful....just the way I love them...
She is fond of dark stuff. And yet she is a soft angel at heart. And I found just the right picture to represent her dichotomy. I wonder what she sees in my writings, to keep coming back to read them. Personally I think my writings are crap.But she....she makes me believe otherwise. :-)
Future MBA grad and successful corporate woman.:-) Presently a fabulous poetess, popular girl and in love with another MBA grad.:-) By the way, she spared no effort to pull me out of my sullen moods on a number of occasions too. A charming woman with a beautiful heart...need I say more?
Priyanka Kamath 
One of m my very first followers and a superb writer.I miss her sometimes.She doesn't write as often as I would have liked.:-( Hope she starts writing more often......
Saumya Kulshreshtha  
IAS aspirant,future administrator of our country and a person who has her life in perfect order. :-) Brimming with ideas and a storehouse of knowledge,she reads 5 newspapers a day.:-)  And she is a very nice person to talk to .....Trust me....Whenever you need an intelligent convo,dial S for Saumya.:-)
Saru Singhal, Meera Saundarajan,Sarah Malik, Blahblaholic are some of the other writers I enjoy reading. :-) Please don't feel offended because I am mentioning you people at the end. It's just that,I tried to find appropriate pictures for you guys....but couldn't.Probably because we haven't interacted that much,:-( Maybe once I get to know you better,I can come up with those....:-) My humble apologies...
The End



  1. This is kinda honor for the fellow bloggers you have mentioned. I just wanna confirm if its me? I kinda wonder to be in your list. If I am not that same, I know you'll wonder what am I doing here, lol. ;) :) Happy new year, Rahul :)

  2. Oops, I forgot to tell: I loved the pictures and idea to mention picture according to the blogger's nature or way of writing. :)

  3. This is wonderful Mr Biswas :)
    Indeed very overwhelming.
    Thank you so much. :)

    P.S. How can you not see that your full of awesomeness ????? :D

  4. WoW! This is an AMAZING post and not just because you mentioned me :P I love how creative you made it with the pictures!

    I am so honored to find myself mentioned in this list and this also happens to be the best photo I've ever seen of myself :D So, I'm definitely going to save it in my files :))

    Thank you so much, Rahul! You really made my day! Such kind sentiments too! This has truly touched my ♥ :)

    Wishing you all the best in 2012! Keep bloggin' and making us smile :)

  5. Awesome post! I love blogs that are personalized toward there followers! Keep it up!

  6. Such a lovely post Rahul. You know I feel I'm stuck in a rut and your one of the fellow bloggers I know of who keep coming up with new ideas and I like that immensely. I would have been a little disappointed if I didn't find a mention here true but even the post if really good, the layout, the pictures, the content...see I believe in you :D

    Thanks for the kind words Rahul, where there is love there will be hate I just wish the hate wouldn't cloud the love. On the P.S. part unfortunaltely for me I chose guys who don't have a single romantic bone in them so I've never gotten a letter from them yet, but umeed abhi bhi hai :P. The picture is actually quite perfect too, but you missed the purple hue ;).

    Thanks again for this, an amahzing New Year's and B'day gift :D.

    How you have a wonderful and loquacious year ahead.

  7. @Shreya It's you all right!!!:-) Just click on the picture and you will be whisked away to your blog.:-)
    @Rachika :-)
    @BragonDorn Thanks mate.:-)
    @Dragon Shit missed the purple thingy.My bad!!!:-( And yes..many many happy returns of the day.:-)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. @Fiona :-) Ah well..u deserve it...

  10. This is Love ! It makes my day ! :) Thank you Rahul ! I wish all of us blog more and more ! :) <3

    Wish you a fab fab new year..didnt catch u online for a while..kahan ho janaab ;)

  11. Wow, that's precious. I never knew I wrote this well. We should meet now so I could give you a huge hug! :D Thank you so so much. Trust me, my new year is even more special now that I have your wonderful blog to read. Thanks! Made my day! :)

  12. Hey! It's been a loong time... read your other posts, and yeah missed reading them...

    Happy New Year to you and a wonderful thought of felicitating your fellow bloggers :)

    Indie :)

  13. Nice list...looking forward to read their blogs :)
    Happy New Year Rahul :)

  14. @Pooja Thanks..
    @Amrita Hey...I mailed you are ur parents now??
    @Dawn Zhang You are way more talented than what I have been able to express...:-) I look forward to reading whatever you post..
    @Sakshi Ahh well...I have been available on gtalk....saw no sign of you there tho...:-)

  15. I am one of the last to comment, and one of the possible reasons was, firstly, I was too happy to even want to do anything else. I went blank, then mad, then sobered down. I was still happy, when I decided to check out each of the above mentioned blogs, because your personalized description of each was so compelling. Not one did disappoint me. The way you have put this post together, I just feel proud for having a niche for myself in here. May be this comment is incoherent, but I am not editing it..letting you know my first thoughts :)
    Just for the record- I read 3 newspapers in a day. You think if I read 5 in a day, I would have time left for writing all those lengthy posts on my blog?
    Ek baar phir, bahut shukriya! And a Happy New Year!

  16. Thank you for all the kind words that you said abt me Rahul. Dude...I dont like this:(:( Itna acha acha bol ke chale jao bus?? Tata Bye bye kar do?? NOT FAIR!! NOT DONE!!:|

    I wonder if I can even stop u?? Being ur first follower I do have a RIGHT...don't I ??
    wON't say anything else....Just stay content in what u do:)

  17. Thankyou sooooooooooooooooooooo much for this. I tried commenting from my phone but it dint get rregistered here.
    You chose the perfect pic!
    Btw me and spaceman spiff are both virgoans..maybe that is the reason why we are similar :P
    That you for that lovely description!

  18. :) Thank you so much, Rahul. Great way to start my new year. :)
    Suzie Derkins is like a little muffin. I didn't want to take her name and mutilate it. :)

  19. thank youuuu sooooo very muchhh Rahul ... that was overwhelming , and needless to say - made my day ....

  20. @Rahul~~ I din't view it I suppose. My bad. Actually, I was away from the Internet for a lousy long period of time. My parents are fine now... Thanks dear.. :)

    Indie :)