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December 16, 2011

Ideas please...

I was having a chat with a fellow-blogger today.She said I should expand my vistas......try another genre......explore new horizons....She even came up with some brilliant suggestions.
So it got me thinking.:-) Maybe I should try out something new.You know,get my lazy ass out of my comfort zone,rise to new challenges and all those sort of a thing.
So please pour in your ideas.I would love to hear them.What do you think I should try my hand at?The ones which appeal to me the most,I will definitely give them my best shot.
So liberal with your suggestions.Fill this blog page with them. It's time the entertainment I provide shifts gears and explores new avenues.Your help is very much needed here. :-)



  1. 55 Fiction. Very tough when you actually get down to it.

  2. Damn PeeVee. She beat me to the suggestion. :/

    Actually, try flash fiction of any length. Set a word-limit, preferably within 200-300 words, and try not to exceed it.

    Try making lists. They're so much of fun! If you've noticed, a lot of my posts are lists. It's fun to write, and even more fun to read. It holds the attention of the readers.

    Also try doing challenges.

    And since you like write short stories so much, why don;t you start a contest on your blog? Start a story, then let someone else finish it or something. Think about it.

  3. try daily life events - try behaviour ov ppl around - try to say thanks - try poetry- try short stories - make series ov stories part - I - II - II.

    otherwise your blog is good :)
    thanks for following me - following you back :)

    love x

  4. Something involving little older people..May be a story about a really old couple..

  5. Ahh, Shama stole my poetry suggestion :p I still have to catch up on some of your older posts, so slow down until I'm all up to date lol! So many blogs, so little time :(

    Have a great weekend! :)

  6. hmmm 40 year old men women,
    60 year old love stories,
    women kills father,
    relationships and how people handle them,
    how different people respond to the same situation,
    there are so many things you could write bout :D
    just get your brain mechanism working :D

  7. @Divya I am not so popular a blogger that people will be interested in any contests that I launch..:-D I have trouble enough to get people to read my stuff in the first place... ;-)
    But lists,huh????Hmmm.....not a bad idea...Flash fiction???That too is good stuff...

  8. @Shama Make series of stories I-II-III? DONE!!!!Check out my previous stories....
    Observe people around me???Hmmm...that's something I can try..
    Try saying thanks?Done already..:-)

  9. @anonymous...he he......:-) u getting too old buddy.... :-) Youth Up!!!!!!!

  10. @Fiona U have a gr8 weekend too..was starting to miss ur presence here...

  11. @rachika u and I are gonna write a story together..that's final... :-)

  12. 55 fictions, poetry on some killer topics, your teenage fantasies revisited, what you wanted to end up as and what're you today kind of shit, a scary story, a pathetically happy story :D, one totally crazy and insane post and and all all ..
    Psst, my id is You can mail! :)

  13. Rahul twill be a sure shot flop i'd say :D

  14. Narrate your story in a third person's point of view. Add poetry to express something specific. Upload pictures you click/ed if you like photography and express each one by your own words.