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May 7, 2012

The Rapist-III

As they sipped on their Fosters,Vin asked,"So how is Denise?" Marlowe replied,"Pestering me to get married.As usual." "So why don't you?Commitment issues?" Marlowe laughed,"How do you think I made through five years with her?" "Beats me.She blackmailed you?" Marlowe shook his head,his gaze down,and a protesting smile sat on his lips."No,she didn't blackmail me." Vin stated with his characteristic sarcasm,"Weird thing.Love.Just how do two people tolerate each other for so long?" "What's the alternative?Bashing women you just met?" "Oh,I just talk.A little heart-to-heart.That's all.Most women just walk away pissed off.Some,on the other hand,argue." "And you escalate the argument to physical violence?Yep.Real mature." "You know here is another weird thing.Throw in a hungry tiger and a deer together.What happens?" "The tiger gets a nice dinner.What's your point?" "Right.Deer.Weaker.Helpless.Observe.No one talks of any fairness there.But when men dominate women..using strength,,which by the way nature gives them..suddenly everyone becomes vocal." "We are not animals,Mr.Kent." "Exactly.We make rules.We follow them.We make rules which work.For a long time,we made rules which worked for men.And not so well for women.Who decided to change all that?" "Society strives to promote fairness and equality." "That's a bag of hot air.Rich.Poor.People take their inequality for granted.All people aren't born equally attractive,intelligent or strong.People take that for granted too.As far as nature is concerned,it does a beautiful job promoting inequality and unfairness." "But we can do better." "Who decides what's better?Let's get back to the main issue here.It doesn't benefit men in any way to grant women equal rights.If anything,it causes us problems.More competition.Lesser availability of sex.Better for them.And we get a raw deal." Marlowe answered seriously,"Oppression isn't an answer." "You are right,it isn't.The solution is to find a safe,easily available,side-effect- free alternative to sex." "How does that help actually?" "Think about it.Hypothetical situation.Less raging hormones in men.Lesser cravings.More safety for women.But maybe women won't like that.Especially the attractive ones." "Why?" Vin smiled cynically,"Power.You think they will give up the power they have over us?" "Well,it's a trade-off.Lesser power.More safety.And even in such a situation,it is not as if physical attractiveness is going to lose its value.Men will still lust after the beautiful women." "The lust might be considerably weakened." "That's a possibility." "What surprises me is how women take all that talk about female liberty and equality for granted.It's a very recent development in human history.They should feel lucky we live in a society which at least pretends to respect their rights." Marlowe stated in a matter-of-fact tone,"You need a counsellor." Vin retorted,"I need sex." "Grab yourself an escort." "A costly proposition.Plus,I might just end up beating her black and blue." "You are a misogynist sociopath!" "Brutal.Sadistic.Unconscionable.Tell me something I don't know." "You know for a moment I actually believed your Iraq incident." "That was the truth." "Oh really!A guy like you?And saving a gal?Santa Claus is more believable." "I would suggest you start believing in him then." "For a second,I actually thought.." "That underneath all this,I am actually a good guy?Don't blame yourself.I fooled myself into believing that too.For a long time."Vin's voice suddenly took on a hint of melancholy."Then I realized that nice guys just don' the race." Marlowe shook his head resignedly. Vin said,"All this talk just made me want to take a leak."He got up,turned to leave,and then turned back again. "By the way,if the waiter comes around,tell him the beer tasted like piss."As he moved away from the table, still facing Marlowe,his feet shuffling backwards,he shouted again,"I am serious.Tell him that." As Vin got out of the washroom after relieving himself,he was surprised to come face to face with Jill. "My my,"he said aloud."I meet Barbie twice the same day.What?Some kinda Toy Story sequel shooting going on?" Jill replied in a steely voice,"I would prefer if you stop calling me that,Mr.Kent." "Or else what?You gonna Barbie-cue my ass?" Jill didn't waste a second.Before Vin could realize what's happening,she kicked him with major force on his shin.As Vin yelped in pain,she moved behind him in a flash.She pushed her right fist into his back,causing his body to buckle backwards.She then grabbed his left arm and twisted it behind his back with all her might,at the same time keeping a safe distance from him with her right arm positioned between their bodies.As Vin's face grimaced in pain,she pushed him hard against the wall.Vin,on reflex, turned his face sideways to avoid a nose injury as his side-face slammed against the cold wall. Jill barked,"How does it feel,you sick fucker?To feel helpless and overpowered?" Vin replied wincing,"Kinda kinky actually.You do this stuff with your boyfriend often?" Jill spat out,"Shut the f**k up." Vincent was still wincing,and smiling."A girl who can kick my butt.I think I am in love." Jill gave his arm one final wrenching twist and then let go off him.Vin turned around to face her,rubbing his injured arm. Jill growled at Vin,"I have put a lot of ass-holes and scum like you in their place.Given an opportunity,I would make you feel.." Vin kept grinning despite the pain."I am all about opportunities.What say we go on a date right now?If your Hulk of a boyfriend doesn't mind, that is." You are lucky he isn't around just now,Jill thought with revulsion.Duty hours were off,she and Ken had come to this bar for refreshment.Just her luck that she had to bump into a boorish,vulgar and annoying Vin outside the washroom. Jill turned to leave and Vin called out,"Won't you at least leave your number?" Jill turned towards him,her face a perfect picture of antipathy and displeasure.Unaffected,Vin continued,"Coz 911 is just way too unspecific." Jill said with irritation,"You should just learn to shut up,Mr.Kent.Coz when my boyfriend comes around,he won't be in any mood for your pitiful wise-cracks." Vin just laughed.Jill left,shaking her head in disgust. Vin crept back into the washroom again.His arm had been twisted badly.He spent ten minutes massaging his sore tendons and muscles.Finally the pain subsided,and he made his way back to their table. "That took kinda long," Marlowe remarked as Vin returned. "Yeah.I was having a little chat with Barbie." "What?Jill Andrews?The cop?Isn't that she and that other officer out there?" Vin followed Marlowe's gaze.Sure enough,it was Ken and Jill.Jill seemed totally washed out,barely able to walk.Ken was supporting her head on his broad shoulders. "Must have had a binge,that girl,"Marlowe observed."She is barely standing on her feet." "Strange," Vin reflected."She seemed perfectly fine 10 minutes ago." "Hmm,"Marlowe replied.He suddenly remembered he had to call Denise.He groped for his phone in his pockets,oly to realize it was not there."Tell you what,Kent,I left my phone back in my car.I think I'll go and fetch it." "Yeah,"Vin said distractedly,his gaze still following Ken and Jill as they left the bar. The parking lot was dark.Marlowe fished out his car keys,opened his car's door,and moved his hand over the dashboard.He was surprised when he didn't find his phone there.He got into his car and looked beneath the driver's seat.His Nokia Lumia was lying on the floor.Concerned,he checked to see if his phone was still working perfectly.Satisfied after a quick verification,he stepped out of his car. As he made his way back across the parking lot,he was surprised to see a dark figure crouching over another body in a shadowy corner.As he moved closer,he was shocked at what he saw. Jill Andrews was lying unconscious on the concrete floor.Her uniform had been unbuttoned and her trousers were down.Ken was sitting on top of her,his eyes shining with lustful animalism. "What the hell are you doing?"Marlowe cried out,apalled. Ken snapped his head in Marlowe's direction,his face clouded by a miasma of hostility and antagonism.Marlowe felt a sudden surge of fear and started backing down.Ken was on his feet in a fleeting moment and charged towards Marlowe.The lawyer's feet refused to move,paralyzed by terror.The 6'4'' gigantic police officer grabbed him by the neck and shoved Marlowe's skull with tremendous fury against a nearby car's bonnet.Blood spread across the lawyer's forehead,as he passed out,falling to the ground in a lump. Ken looked at the immobile body of Marlowe for a few seconds.And then,with a cruel grin,Ken made his way towards where Jill was lying,senseless. To be continued...



  1. hmmmmm, Kem is the bad guy now??? or are we talking abt men in general. So jill was acting drunk, was she????, waiting for the next. Oh n btw, i love the witty dialogues, more like , smooth, esp the "can i have ur number, cz 911, isnt specific"..whistles ;). and the way the fight is described, one can actually imagine it, so hats off, to the thought process/research/google(whichever), its fab, one can actually imagine them happening. This certainly is Being BACK :P

    1. :-) As discussed on our chats.;-)

  2. Ahaaaa !!! So our elusive storyteller returns once again to his rightful throne to exercise His regal power :D ...... I'll wait until the story is finished ..heheh

    1. LOL.That was an awesomely flattering compliment.Thanks.:-)

  3. You now it seems more like a scene out of a movie rather than a prose.
    though i will say well played on the versatility part - pagan Demi Gods (tricksters), change whenever one wants, indicating we are the masters of ourselves -, also the how you seemed to have gone from being a classic gender role player to the already assigned.
    Good stuff.

  4. Bloody Brilliant! I am on a reading spree! :D :D :D Writers like you distract people from studying for exams! :D :D :D Well done, you! :D

    1. hard to ignore,aren't they??:-D