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May 8, 2012

The Rapist-IV

Ken Rogers had a problem.Strictly based on his developmental psychology.He had very little control over his compulsions to have sex.Jill hailed from a conservative Catholic background and her sense of charity didn't exactly extend to granting to gratuitous sexual favors.Not even to her boyfriend.For a testosterone-fueled sex maniac like Ken,that was a source of perpetual conflict with his sky-high libido.But his law enforcement background instilled in him the realization that physical coercion wasn't exactly the best way of going about extracting what he wanted.There were other, more subtle ways.Besides,with a feisty someone like Jill, forcing himself on her was never going to be a cakewalk.

Ken unbuttoned the last of the buttons of Jill's blouse.He smacked his lips in wicked anticipation.Trouble was,he didn't have too long.He had spiked her drink with a very low dose of GHB and Rohypnol.The combination was fast acting,but its effects ran out pretty fast too.Barely half an hour at max.Ken had intended to make the best of the thirty minutes or so in their car.But to his chagrin,he discovered the keys had been left inside the car.Patience wasn't exactly one of his finer qualities.He had carried her to a corner and decided to indulge himself for the little time he could.He had been to this place several times before.People usually stayed off the ill-lit corners of the parking lot.

Too bad Marlowe happened to crash his party.He smiled to himself,thinking that he and some other officer would probably have to come to this same spot in the morning,pretending to investigate Marlowe's death.

"You started the party without me?Damn!I am hurt!" A voice sliced through the eerie stillness of the parking lot. Ken started at the direction of the voice.Vin was standing several feet away with a curious look on his face.

"What sort of a guy knocks out his own girl just to fuck her?" Vin continued his biting jibe."The taco doesn't have a particular liking to sausages?Or is it just your sausage she has a problem accommodating?"

"You!Bloody fuck-tard!"Ken growled as he got up to his feet and approached Vin menacingly.

"Coz I totally get that!"Vin continued unflurried."She does seem to have a.." and he rubbed his sore arm a bit," streak."

Ken stopped as he arrived at a striking distance from Vin.He grinned maliciously and said,"You know maybe it's good you arrived on the scene."He cracked his knuckles and continued,"Coz once I am done beating you to pulp,I am gonna put the shit of your lawyer's slaughter on you." His grin grew more devilish as he finished saying,"Funny how things work out."

Vin raised his arms in a mocking way."Beat me to pulp?On what charges?Getting bored sitting at the bar and walking into the parking lot to see you singing a lullaby to your asleep girlfriend?"

"You are gonna regret not just enduring the boredom at the bar," Ken spat out and his right fist flew towards Vin's face.

To be continued..



  1. ai ai aii.... get this over with, the break is killing me. >.<

    1. Not really funny Mr. Biswas when your the one reading bit by bit. i hate reading bit by bit.

    2. Oh well...I wish I could post the whole story @ one go. But you know stuff comes up and I can't write or post as fast as I would love to.

  2. Replies
    1. Is that a good :o:o:o or a bad :O:O:O?

  3. Bring it fast! The suspense is killing me!

  4. This is awesome! How could I miss all of these :) Read them all in a go, and I want more! :)

  5. Replies
    1. Hehe.Thanks.But did you read the whole thing?:-)

  6. ooooo... loving it more and more as reading further...