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May 5, 2012

The Rapist

Vin:"Men are hornier.Women are better at withholding sex.Unfair proposition."

Daphne:"I like to call it balance.Guys are physically stronger.Nature has to give women an equalizer."

Vin:"It would have been way simpler to just make them as strong and libidinous as we are."

Daphne:"In your dreams,loser!"

Vin:"Loser.Jerk.Abusive ass-hole.I get that a lot.Became my nick-names by now."

Daphne:"Hah!You know if you weren't such a scum,I would almost feel pity for you."

Vin said nonchalantly,"Don't feel pity".And then with a sudden,deep growl,"Just feel pain."

Vin lashed out a Daphne,grabbing her hair and yanking her with brutal force towards him.Daphne screamed in pain,while an enraged Vin grabbed her slender neck with his rough hands.He slowly applied pressure on his grip,causing her to begin choking.He kept on,until her face became flushed and her eyes started bulging out.The index finger of his other hand gingerly traced a line from her forehead down to the tip of her nose and then back upwards.
Vin smiled cruelly."So fragile.A little more pressure.And your neck snaps like a twig."

Daphne was choking on her words,barely managing to cough them out."L-let m-m-e go-o,you b-bast-"

Vin's smile widened into a sadistic grin."You can be the bearer of my bastard child,slut."He slowly moved his free hand over her tummy and assumed a cooing daddy talk voice."She would like that,wouldn't she?Your mom would love that."

Daphne sensed his grip on her throat relaxing a bit."LET ME GO,YOU FUCKING BASTARD!LET ME GO!"
She screamed at the top of her lungs and brought up her knee with all the strength she can muster.Aiming for his balls.

"Uh-Uh."Vin sensed her strategy and immediately brought down his free had to intercept her knee."You are one naughty mother."

Vin growled out the last sentence and clutched her raised knee in a vice-like grip.He employed such a crushing pressure on her knee that Daphne winced in pain.Tears rolled out of her eyes.
Vin watched the tears climb down her soft facial features and disappearing beneath her chin.He let her go.

Vin was back to a casual tone."And we conclude our date thusly."
Daphne sobbed as she rubbed her sore throat.
Vin asked,smirking:"Won't I at least get a goodbye kiss?Coz that's just plain rude."
Daphne's eyes widened in horror and shock as she anticipated another aggressive advance from Vin.She steeled herself.This time she wasn't going down without a fight.Although,she wondered what chance did her lissome slender frame have against his burly muscles.

Vin spoke,"Well,good-bye then."He made a weak imitation of a flying kiss-bringing just his index and middle fingers close to his lips and then pulling them away."I hope you had a pleasant trip on Vincent Airlines.Any sort of..", he paused maliciously,"..inconvenience.. is highly regretted."

And he left.Daphne shuddered slightly as she heard the door of her flat slam behind him.She wondered how many drinks she had had at the bar.How could she have possibly allowed such a man,a complete stranger,to walk her home from the bar?He seemed so nice at first.Courteous,polite,a bit awkward in conversation,but otherwise,a thoroughly nice guy.Not good judgement.Not good at all.She should never have allowed him to buy drinks for her in the first place.

But mistakes could still be corrected.She fished out her cell and punched in a number.
"Hello,911.How may we assist you?" A female voice answered.

"Hello.My name is Daphne Chesterton.A guy just assaulted me."
Vin's lawyer said,examining some papers:"The evidence would not stick in the court.A lot of people match the same physical description as yours.And we will have an alibi ready for you before you are summoned to the DA's office.Just stay mum before we hit on a comfortable alibi."

Vin smiled scornfully."Seems like I have nothing to worry about then.I might as well have gone the whole way with her."

The lawyer stated in a matter-of-fact tone:"That would be most inadvisable,Mr.Kent.Rape laws are a lot more stringent than those of assault and battery.I would be sweating my undies off to think of a way to get your ass out of that mess,were you to..",and he paused for effect,".indulge in those fantasies."

Vin grinned derisively."But  Mr.Marlowe,I think I just made things too easy for you."

The lawyer stood up."Thank your stars,you did,Mr.Kent.Thank your stars you did.Bail papers are ready.He looked around the tiny jail cell."Ready to walk out of here?"

Vin stretched his hands upwards in a care-free way."Oh,I dunno.I was actually beginning to get comfy here.I am actually considering paying a visit here again.Say,sometime,next month?Care to drop by to say hi then?"

Marlowe assumed a deadpan face."You seem intent on keeping your lawyer a very busy man,Mr.Kent."

Vin smiled indifferently."Gotta make sure my legal investments don't go in vain,Marlowe."

The lawyer said resignedly,"As you wish,Mr.Kent."He offered his hand to V for a hand-shake.

Vin grasped his hand and the lawyer asked curiously,"May I ask you something,Mr.Kent?"


"In the last six months,you have been...",the lawyer paused as if to find a suitable word,"..framed for assault by three different women.May I ask what makes you always to gravitate to such unpleasant circumstances?"

Vin leaned back in his chair in an easy-going way."You sure a police cell is the right place to talk about it?"

"I was just curious,Mr.Kent."



Vin's lips curved upwards into a naughty grin as he leaned forward."I have breathtaking anger management issues."

"And inevitably... beautiful,charming women are the unfortunate recipients of your ire?"

Vin laughed peppily."Daphne?Yep.Charming woman.Want her number?She gave it to me while we were at the bar."

Marlowe was embarrassed."That won't be necessary,Mr.Kent."

Vin suddenly became grave."Women,Marlowe.They need to be...controlled."

"Excuse me?"

Vin leaned back casually in his chair again."Show them who's the boss.Their rightful place.Who wears the pants.All that...misogynist kinda thing."

Marlowe shook his head imperceptibly,slightly bewildered."You are quite an interesting piece of work."

"Right.Now let's get out of here."

As they made their way out of the police station,they encountered Jill Andrews,the Officer on Duty.
She smirked disdainfully at the two men.Marlowe averted her gaze.Vin just flashed a bright,unruffled smile.
Jill made no attempt to disguise her scorn."A criminal.With a cunning lawyer.Take that away and what are you,Mr.Kent?"

Marlowe began to speak,"I am afraid you are wrongfully labeling my client with the most unsavory.."

Vin interrupted."Misogynist.War-hero.Occasional contributor to charitable causes."

Jill raised her eyebrows superciliously."Really?"

Marlowe was curious too."Really?"

Vin spread his arms wide in an incredulous gesture."Which part do you find hard to believe?"

Jill stated in a vexed tone,"I know Daphne wasn't lying,Mr.Kent.You are the one who tried to strangle her.You are lucky we don't have the evidence to incriminate you.Otherwise,I would have made sure that you regret what you did to her.Deeply so."

Vin's voice dripped with sardonic aloofness."Daphne?So you two are on first-name terms now?Girls rooting for girls,all for one,one for all,hail feminism,that sortofa thing?"

Jill narrowed her eyes,her face a picture of disgust."Yes,Mr.Kent.That sort of a thing."

Officer Ken Rogers strode over to the threesome."What's the commotion,Jill?" He questioned his partner.And incidentally,also his girl friend.

Jill replied,still glaring at Vin,"Nothing,Ken.Just teaching a rude guy some manners."

Vin nudged his lawyer,"And she is doing a  marvelous job at it,isn't she,Marlowe?"

Ken gave Vin a hard look."I would advise you two make it out of here real quick."

Vin remained in-submissive."Or else what?"

Ken's eyes bore into those of Vin's."Or else you are going to regret not heeding my advice."

Jill put her hand on Ken's shoulder to restrain him."It's ok,Ken.Let him be." Having a hot-headed boyfriend as her partner in crime-fighting always meant that she had to be extra careful.Any perceived threat to her was enough to cause his lid to blow off.A burglar had once knocked her out with a pipe range,causing severe bleeding.Ken had ruthlessly beat the goon to a pulp.The miscreant suffered a brain hemorrhage and multiple fractures.Ken had almost got suspended on that occasion for willful use of violence.

Vin grinned insolently and turned to his lawyer, "Marlowe.Let's scoot.Let's leave Ken and Barbie to spend some quality time together,shall we?"

Jill smarted at being referred to as Barbie.Ken winced.

Outside,as they stepped into Marlowe's car,Vin remarked,"You gotta admit.That officer had a nice rack."
Marlowe snickered."Barbie?"

Vin replied,amused,"Ken and Barbie.It was just so obvious.I couldn't help myself."

Marlowe asked ,"By the way,war hero?"

"Yes.Was a commando deployed in Iraq.Had quite a few medals too."


"Yup.I got court-martialled."

"May I ask why?"

"Any guesses?"

Marlowe stared in disbelief."You are kidding me,right?"

Vin was still casual."Cross my heart."

Marlowe stated incredulously,"You got..FRAMED?"

"Yes.And for a change,I actually was innocent that time."

"Excuse my skepticism.But I am having a slight difficulty believing that."

"Yeah.Don't blame you.I actually stopped an Iraqi under-age girl from being raped by a group of our soldiers that time.But they killed the girl and managed to cook up the evidence to frame me in stead.They couldn't actually prove I killed her.But they got me kicked out of the army all the same."

Marlowe answered thoughtfully,"Hmm.I consider it is best if I suspend my judgement in this case."

Vin was unperturbed."Be my guest.Shit happens."

"And what about the charity bit?"

"I donate to organizations involved with women's welfare in third world countries.Occasionally."

Marlowe shook his head in disbelief as he started the car .Vin looked out of the window at the passing scenery.Thoughts of Jill crowded his mind.
Nice rack.Barbie.
If only he knew what Barbie and Ken had in store for him.

To be continued....



  1. You are Back!!!!! :D and How!!!! Wow Wow!! :D

  2. The prodigal son is back!!!;-)

  3. Who's back with a bagful of awesomeness? Your best piece ever(since I started reading you,that is)! All the so called feminine romanticism(feel free to read 'nYakamo')gone! The 'violence'! Aha! Relished it and how! choltey thakuk.:-)

    1. This is gonna become way more violent as time progresses.Fasten your seat belts.It's gonna be a bumpy ride!!!:-D

  4. This was like... I don't even know what to... Bravo.
    Though i can't help but feel pity and anger at the other soldiers. "Shit happens"

    1. Rage.This story is fueled by rage and cooled by something else.Read to find out what.

  5. Intriguing...looks like this guy has some deep rooted agenda or is he mentally unsound? waiting for the sequel.I just gripped on the hand rest and buckled my seat belt - ready to go.

    1. No agenda.:-) Mentally unsound or not,I leave that up to you to decide.:-)

  6. Back with a bang, huh!!

    This is so SO interesting! I just don't get it if he is the good guy ar the bad one! In the beginning, he tried to rape a woman and in the end he talks about charity and all.

    Love this piece and please bring the next part soon and also finish it soon!!

    1. I will bring out the next parts fast.:-)

  7. Hmm.. This seems like an interesting series. Although, just a random doubt. Why did you pick a western setting rather than an Indian?

    P.S:- Have you watched Natural Born Killers? The main character reminds me of the guy from that movie- unapologetic about what he does, in fact, proud of it.

    1. Natural born killers?Nopes.:-) But don't read too much into Vin's character right now.Stuff might surprise you as the story moves on.

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    This piece of work, well am a lil short of words, felt like reading a scene straight out of some novel. awesome :D
    the guy seems intriguing...i am in for d ride!

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    1. Congrats on winning the Indiblogger contest.:-D This is what...your second prize at Indi?Awesome stuff.....Congrats again!!!!

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    1. :-) Ahh well,let's see how this character develops now,shall we???

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