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May 17, 2012

Versatile Award...

You know these days I often wonder why I blog at all.:-) It's not that I aim to make money out of it or anything.Nor am I such a scintillating writer who leaves his readers begging for more.I sometimes rant here.I sometimes poke fun.I sometimes spin stories.I sometimes unleash my devilish and rotten imagination on my poor followers.
So basically and fundamentally-all that I do here basically serves no purpose at all.:-P Except maybe piss some people off.But that never topped the list of my priorities anyway.
So when Confused D hands me a Versatile Blogger award,my reaction is mixed.I don't know if I am versatile.I don't know if I deserve any award.At least,IndiBlogger Contests never think I deserve any.;-)
But anyway,CD is a sweet kid.And I owe her a BIG THANK YOU!And she gave me a super sweet dedication.So I will play by her rules now.

Rules are-  
1. Create a new post.
2. Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award. 
3. Pass it on to your fellow bloggers.  
4. State 7 random facts about you.

Fellow bloggers,huh?:-) Thankfully,these days I have been roaming about a lot on the blogosphere,discovering new blogs,awesome bloggers,insane writings and fabulous styles.So here goes-
1.Pigeonheadophobia-Funjabi.Lactose addict.Optimist.Entertaining.One of my most recent discoveries.(Gosh!I sound like a movie agent promoting fresh acting talent here!!) You know there is thing about girls with a sense of humor,which I find immensely irresistible.They make me smile,they make me want to read them again and again.CD,by the way,is no exception to this.;-)
2.Tarang-Okay!!Some people are just born to write.Like Tarang.And some like me are born to keep wishing that we can write like them.;-) Another recent find.Insanely frequent poster.And an even more insanely skilled writer.She got some of her stuff published in newspapers.Need I say more about her prowess??
3.Aditi/Smitten By Kitten/Meoww-Popular blogger.But as far as I am concerned,I discovered her just a week back.:-) Fun-loving.Cheerful.A bubbly ball of infectious happiness.Go check her out.:-)
4.Pradeeta/MSM-You guys know MSM,right?Mesmerizingly Seductive and Magical?That's what her writings will feel to you.;-) Although,she caller her blog Mystical Skeptical Me.You should check out some of her stuff.If I hadn't been feeling so lazy,I would given you guys a few yummyalicious links from her blog to munch on.But sorry!!:-( Today you gotta do all the hard work.But you won't be disappointed.:-)Promise.
5.The Fool-Good to great content creators come in all shapes and sizes,all kinds of names,all kinds of skills,all kinds of ideas.:-) Check this powerhouse of  a content machine out at his blog.This guy is clinical in his writings.Well articulated,well thought,each of his post stands as a testimony to the effort he puts in behind each post.Take a walk into The Fool's lair and you will keep wanting to come back for more.
6.Poorvi-Sometimes writing dedications is a tough jaab!!!Especially when you have described 5 awesome bloggers before someone and your mind is running out of new things to say.:-P So you know,you read the first 5?Take a little bit of everything from each one,mix 'em,throw in some more goodies like sensitivity,maturity and depth,and you get Poorvi.:-) I am serious.No kidding.Sacchi...*pinches his Adam's Apple*..mucchi...

7 random facts about me?Why the hell would you want to know that?But anyway,rules are rules,people.:-) So here goes-
1.I fell in love at the beginning of this year.Totally random.Totally weird.And it got over.Just like that.;-) Totally random.
2.I get super delighted when a fellow blogger sends me a chat request or drops me a mail at
3.I got two eyes,one nose and ten fingers.Not random enough?I got a heart.Still not random??Ok..wait for it...when I was born,the docs said I had a hole in my heart.;-) Maybe it is still there.It's a medical condition and that sorta thing.
4.When I was young,you know less than 5 year old young,I swallowed a torch bulb!!!!Yikes!!!Why?I was feeling hungry and angry 'coz my parents had gone out without giving me anything to munch on.I was given a special tonic to make me pass all the glass shreds out in my shit.I know,shit happens,right?? ;-)
5.I am terribly moody.I get all PMS-ey without having any menstruation to worry about in the first place.Phenomenally Moody Syndrome,people?Yup.That's me.:-P
6.I totally fall for women who are super-ambitious in their life.Strong.Independent.No need for masculine support.Yup.That's my kinda gal.;-)
7.What turns me off?Intolerance.Of other people,their opinions,their religious/non-religious affiliation,sexual orientations,race,color,ethnicity-everything.OK.I am a little bit of an intolerant jerk in some situations too.But that is purely because of my subjective preferences and biases.I don't claim to say what I feel is 'right' or 'wrong'.It's just my taste.I hate it when people pass judgement on other people,branding it 'right' or 'wrong'.

Now CD asked me 7 questions:-
1) Have you stopped getting those mental attacks you used to get earlier?
A.I manage ignore them.;-) I figured life is too short to be spent finding convincing answers to never-ending questions.
2) My name is "I" and Your name is "You". Tell me who is mad?
A.None of these.
3) What means kya?
A.Exactly.'What' means 'kya'..:P
4) If you had 'Alladin's lamp' , what would you ask for me?
A.I would wish that you get a clone who sits and tries to be pragmatic,while you can hop around doing all the crazy stuff..;-)
5) Tell me the name of the persons who shake their hands on Nokia instruments?
A.I assume one of them is the symbol of Congress which just got fed up of its party and ran away.The other is the hand which you find on Thumbs Up bottles,doing the Thumbs Up sign!!!;-)
6) When is your birthday?
A.September.I am a Libra,by the way.
7) I am hungry! What will you cook for me? I am a vegetarian.
A.Will a pot full of rich,creamy mushrooms do??

Okaaaay!!!!That's it from my side.Have fun hitting the links I put up here.Some of them will keep you entertained for a long time to come.Buhhh byyee!!!



  1. congrats :D btw what have u done to ur blog?
    it looked better before.

  2. WHoa, congratulations! Great look!!

  3. 1) You fell in love and you never blogged about it! Why????????
    2) hmm.....Okay! :)
    3) Hey! I am sure its not there anymore!
    4) Eew....torch bulb....okay! My list is cotton, stones, surf excel, mud and its a long list :D
    5) Hmmm.....I know! So am I but I am a girl :P
    6) Ahaan! All the best! :)
    7) Same to same!! :O

    And You cheated!!!! The instructions said "You have to answer the questions, no matter what!" DO IT NOW!!!!

    Enlighten me! Please!!! *making a puppy face* :)

  4. First of all thank you so much for the award! I feel so cool now! :P I am grinning away.

    You swallowed a torch bulb? :O That's kind of scary and weird at the same time and would make a great story. Would love to read a blog post about that!

    And your own version of PMS is funny(ok maybe you didn't intend it to be funny but I did laugh!)


    P.S I miss your banner and demand you put it up again. Ok not demand but request! :P

  5. Congratulations! And thank you so much for the award and such nice words for me!:)
    Best wishes to you :)

  6. Congratulations Meanness!! Where is the post for the award I gave you??????
    BOLO BOLO BOLO? #AngryRohuFish

  7. Thanks a lot, Rahul. I really appreciate it. This weekend my singer series will be over. After that I will be back to read your rapist series.

  8. Thanks Rahul .. you made my day which was going somewhat dull .. :)

  9. blog actually looks much better now :D

  10. Now thats like a good boy! :D

  11. @I do I do..Thanks.:-)
    @CD Glad to oblige you mam!
    @Swarnali Really now??;-)
    @Poorvi All is a day's work,mam!!All in a day's work..:-D
    @TF :-)Thanks.
    @Tarang WC:-)

  12. @Pigeonhead ;-) Almost everything I write is intended to be humorous.:-D

  13. @Rohu :-( Sorry.I usually don't accept these awards...But CD was very very persuasive..:-) I had to give in...PLease don't apologies..:-)

  14. Your intent of sounding funny/witty always works it seems :-D . * shabbash*