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May 10, 2012

The Rapist-VI

Three days later at the hospital
"You brought me flowers!" Vin chirped,sniffing the bouquet Marlowe had brought him." Very thoughtful.Kinda gay.But very thoughtful."

"Those aren't from me,"Marlowe answered."Jill Andrews sent them."

"What?She is here?"Vin sat up in his bed.

"She was.She left."

"Weird,"Vin reflected,puzzled."Why didn't she meet me?"

Marlowe shrugged."She wanted to.But she changed her mind and left."

"Hmm,"Vin muttered.

Marlowe continued in an upbeat tone,"We had a nice chat.She and I.I told her about Iraq.About your donations." He paused amusedly to see Vin hanging on to his every word."She seemed quite overwhelmed."

"There we go with the overwhelming thing again." Vin uttered irritably."What's wrong with just getting 'whelmed'?"

"Well actually after hearing about your altruism,she offered something which seemed like a nice suggestion," Marlowe kept on his enthusiastic tone."Something about how you can more effectively channel all that rage.Something which you might find..whelming."


And Marlowe told him what Jill had said.After listening to it,Vin sat silent for a few seconds.
Finally he spoke,"Ok.I am officially.. whelmed."

Seven months later
The hair on Sarah Parker's nape stood straight and she could feel a shiver down her spine as Vin's rough palm locked around her throat.Vin brought his face dangerously close to hers as he hissed,"What are you gonna do now,cunt?"

Sarah froze for a second and although she knew better,she let her instincts take over.She bounced her right knee up,meaning to zero in between Vin's legs.

Vin slapped her knee down even before she could raise it a decent couple of feet off the floor.

"Sarah,what did I teach you about not aiming for the balls?" Vin spoke in a reprimanding tone."A guy learns pretty early on to shield them.Plus,that has been done way too many times in the movies.Any guy who wants to try something nasty with you - will be careful about keeping his junk from harm's way.Remember what you learnt.What is the first point you can hit when a guy comes up too close to you?"

"The shin and the chin,"Sarah replied,feeling a bit stupid at failing to use the knowledge which Vin had repeatedly talked about.

"Exactly.Now you forgot to focus.It's perfectly normal in a situation like this.But you gotta do better."Vin said in a soothing tone and then turned to the group of nine women standing in workout clothes before him.
"The purpose of this role playing demo was to teach you ladies one simple point,"he lectured."It's easy to forget whatever you learn here when you are afraid.That's why you gotta do better.Focus.Think.Spot his vulnerable areas.And strike.Are we clear on this?"

The group of women,mostly in their 20s and 30s,mumbled something in acknowledgement.

"I can't hear ya!"Vin raised his voice.

"Yeah!!!"The women shouted in unison.

"Awesome.Remember what you are here for gals.It's all about control.In the face of a threat,you stand your ground and make sure you use any and every technique available to you to get out.You just use what works.Ok?"

"Yeah!!!"The group shouted again.

"Okk,"Vin said clapping his hands together briefly,"today I teach you five more basic moves.You will learn how to break out of a hold if the assailant.." Vin stopped mid-way as she saw a woman in uniform standing at the door and beaming in his direction.

"Ladies,just excuse me for a few minutes,"Vin said and he made his way towards the woman.

"Officer Andrews,fancy having you here," he stood close to her and smiled,extending his hand.

Jill took his hand in a firm shake and returned the smile."I see you took my advice."She looked around the huge room where he trained the women and nodded appreciatively."I am impressed."

"Yes,and you actually had a..",and as he said this,he raised his hand,pinching his index finger and thumb together,"..point five percent contribution in this.Go ahead.Pat yourself on the back."

"Still the perfect gentleman I met seven months back,I see," Jill made a dig.

"Right.So why are you here exactly?"

"Oh, I met with Marlowe recently.He told me about this self-defense gym you have set up.I just thought about paying a visit."

"Right,let's get some privacy,"he uttered and led her to an adjoining room where they could talk alone.He then continued,"Speaking of seven months back,I do remember asking you for a date and a number."

"I don't give a date or my number to a guy when I can totally whip his ass."

"Ohh that," Vin scratched his forehead."You know...Back then....Things would have played out very differently if you had not taken me by such a surprise."

"Ohh I would really like to burst that pretty bubble of yours," she said defiantly.

"Why not?Let's do it right now.Mano a mano.The winner pays for the date tonight."

"We are gonna have a date tonight?"

"We are gonna have a date tonight."

"In your wildest...craziest....definitely not gonna happen...dreams."

"The whole thing is playing in my mind right now.You are wearing a backless red gown.Not overly gorgeous.But pleasingly elegant.I am casually dressed in blazer and jeans.I pick you up at seven thirty.."

"What part of definitely not gonna happen don't you understand?"

"The part which keeps telling me that you are just dying to go on a date with me right now."

"I can kick your ass."

"Can you spank it a bit too?Coz my ass would totally love that."

"Ok.That does it.Let's do it.First one to kiss the ground loses."

"Can't get any better."

"I will try and be gentle," Jill's eyes and voice mocked.

"It's gonna be tough for me.I can't hurt you and everything.But I'll try and be mean," Vin said with his usual sarcasm.

"Prepare to get your butt kicked,soldier."

"Prepare to go on a date."

Jill flung her fist wildly.Aimlessly.Vin quickly moved his right leg behind her left leg and shoved her gently.Jill deliberately didn't try to break her fall.

Jill fell softly to the floor and Vin knelt beside her and grinned."What do you know?I win."

"Seven-thirty.Don't you dare be late," Jill smiled happily.

The End
P.S.This piece was purely a work of fiction.No man,woman or otherwise was hurt during the making of this story.Special thanks to CD, Rachika, Swarnali and Rohu for reading each and every piece of this hopeless story as I kept posting them.I had loads of fun writing this story.Hope you had fun reading it.Enjoy!!Adios!!



  1. "Can you spank it a bit too?Coz my ass would totally love that." :D
    haha do you even come up them...??
    Loved each and every part of the whole series ... :)

    1. :-) Ahh well your encouraging comments kept me going.

  2. Nice work!! Read all of those in one go!! :)
    Wish if this was a true story, and things could happen like this!
    Great work!! :-)

    1. Felt like a movie,did it not?Hehe..:-D Thanks so much.

  3. I was smiling while reading this part till the end! (In the end my smile widened as you mentioned my name there- Thanks:) )
    Such a sweet and a positive ending :) And what pickup lines man! In every single part, the pickup lines you used were so fresh and new!
    This was such an amazing story to read! Totally LOVED this!!
    And don't disappear again! Keep writing! Please! :)

    1. I am not so bad at inventing pick-up lines I guess.:-D Haha....Thanks so much.Your encouragement kept me going.

  4. My comment is deleted! How!?! Why?!?

  5. DONE. Umm...Though i loved each and every part of this ( inclusive of the wise-cracks , awesome phrases and witty lines throughout this work of fiction ) . With the start it appeared to be violent and grave , but , well , it ended on a less violent rather a very adorable ending if i may say :-) Good work . You really can twist the story as you like , imparting the required logic !

    1. I visited your blog.Pretty thoughtful stuff you have up there.You should definitely write more.:-) And thanks.

  6. And I missed reading them from first :( I was away, but am back now, have to read the full story, cos the ending looks awesome! I have to say that the way you write is quite interesting! Keep writing more, pls try a ghost story if you can :D

  7. Brilliant story.. and a befitting ending.. something you don't usually find... loved it totally..

  8. Fantastic!! Something stupid kept me occupied so I come this late. Apologies.. :)
    I think more than the plot, its the characters that spice up the story. I saw a wee bit you in Vin (dont mind me saying that) :D
    Barbie was delightful,but I must say that it was Marlowe who took my heart away. For me, he was the hero.. :)
    And yeah thanks for mentioning me.. :) u did'n have too though.. :)

  9. @goingbeyond Thank you so much for your lovely comments on each part of this story.Really means a lot.I am glad you enjoyed this stuff.:-)

  10. @Rohu I was beginning to worry that my story was utter rubbish and that is why you are staying away.:-) Thank heavens it is not so.And Vin?Me?Hehe.;-) Marlowe was the conscience of this whole story.The moral anchor.Vin was the unpredictable,irrational side of humans,oscillating between good and bad.Jill was the motivation for Vin to try to be straight.Ken was the bad guy.:-)

  11. Read through the story. A different kind of plot. Kind of different from the same old boring plots bloggers usually use. And you have worked especially well on the fight sequences.

  12. WOW! This was AMAZING! You totally rocked it. There's something about happy-endings which makes everyone want them. Thank you for a happy ending in this one. And pliss pliss pleaseee write more. Okay? Okay.