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May 9, 2012

The Rapist-V

Vin was on the ground panting furiously,his back propped against a car.His stomach in immense pain.It was carrying a bullet fired seconds ago by Ken's revolver.Vin grit his teeth,trying to tune out the pain.
Ken smiled as he pointed his gun at Vin's head."What?No last wise-cracks?"
The pain was blurring his vision.Vin just managed to look straight into Ken's eyes.
"I told you you were gonna regret leaving the bar,"Ken said with diabolical relish as his fingers prepared to squeeze the trigger.

Three minutes ago
"You are gonna regret not just enduring the boredom at the bar,"Ken said as his right fist flew towards Vin's face.
Vin ducked the blow and jumped towards Ken,intending to tackle him to the ground.Unfortunately,he wasn't fast enough and Ken rising knee caught him squarely in his chin. Simultaneously,Ken brought down a mighty blow  with his elbow on the back of Vin's head.Vin's skull seemed about to burst from the trauma, while Ken grabbed hold of his throat and pressed it hard enough to make him choke.The enraged officer then encircled his huge arms around Vin's body,trapping his hands,and squeezed him with all the juice in his biceps.Ken's hands were locked behind Vin's back and he pressed his forehead into Vin's sternum like an angry bull.He simultaneously pulled his locked hands inwards towards himself.Vin shut his eyelids shut from the torture and pressure being exerted onto his chest.Ken was hurting the shit out of the bones and muscles on his back as well as forcing the air out of his lungs.

"War hero,huh?"Ken growled with an animalistic amusement."Frankly speaking,I am a bit underwhelmed."

Vin opened his eyes and looked over Ken's massive shoulders to see Jill's body lying unconscious on the floor several feet away.Something about her lying prostrate and defenseless reminded him too much of the Iraqi girl he couldn't save five years ago.There was this strange sense of deja vu which he couldn't shake off.

His arms were pinned to his body and useless now.Vin pulled back as much as he could in Ken's painful bear hug,and smashed his head against Ken's with all the strength his back muscles could muster.

An agonizing torment exploded in his head as his vision became totally black for a couple of seconds.Ken screamed aloud from the affliction Vin had just subjected him to.He let go of Vin and staggered back a few steps.But his gigantic body recovered amazingly quickly and he lunged towards Vin again,grabbing him by the neck and shoving him backwards until his back collided  with the side of a car.

"You are an annoying prick!You know that?!" Ken spat out at Vin as he brought his face to bear down just inches away from Vin's.

"Oh,I just have a habit of getting on people's nerves," Vin smirked and started jabbing at all of Ken's pain-sensitive nerve-centers within his reach.Ken's face twisted in a paroxysm of pain.His grip on Vin's neck weakened and Vin seized the chance to push Ken away.

Ken slided backwards and as he came to a stop,he immediately withdrew his pistol from his holster and aimed it at his opponent.
"Fuck you,ass-hole,"Ken grit his teeth and pulled the trigger.

Vin cried out as the bullet pierced his stomach and he slumped to the ground.

Ken aimed his gun at Vin's head and sneered,"What?No more wise-cracks?"
Vin looked up to meet Ken's gaze.As he started squeezing on the trigger,Ken lipped,"I told you you were gonna regret leaving the bar."

There was a dull thud.
Of metal meeting skull.
And Ken's blacked out body collapsed on to the floor.
Marlowe stood over him with his metal suitcase clutched in his hands,ready to strike again should the situation warrant it.He looked at the gun for a moment and  kicked it away from Ken's benumbed hands.
His forehead still bleeding,he walked over clumsily to Vin and plopped down beside him.

"Woah!What do you know?Bailed out by my lawyer twice the same day,"Vin said,breathing heavily."Looks like I gotta raise your fees."

Marlowe was breathing heavily too."Well frankly,Mr.Kent,"he spoke between gasps,"I am a bit overwhelmed.You coming to our help like that.Really heroic."

Vin struggled and managed to say,"Ken was underwhelmed.You are overwhelmed.Why can't anyone be just... whelmed?"

Marlowe said something in return,but Vin could not make out what.A dull blackness spread through his eyes.Before he passed out,he looked one last time at Jill.
Barbie!He thought.Ken and Barbie.Vin and Barbie sound way cuter though.

The End/To be continued?



  1. You,my friend deserve an applause for this one. *clap* *clap*
    Nice job,I love the last line :D

  2. *standing up and clapping*
    This was one amazing story! And the question actually lingers in the mind- Is it the end or to be continued!

    1. Hehe.What do you want it to be?

    2. I wouldn't mind a continuation if the story continues to be this awesome and also a happy ending would be a lovely idea :)
      The sad things are always there in the mind and it hurts, isn't it?

    3. Ok.The genie shall grant your wish!!!:-D

    4. Yippeee!!! Thank you Genie! (If I would have know that you were a genie, I would have asked for two wishes, one would be the above one and out of the remaining one, I would have asked two more wishes :D) Yes, I know, I am trying to be manipulative :D

    5. In good time,the genie shall grant the other 2 wishes too.:-P Count on it.

  3. ""Ken was underwhelmed.You are overwhelmed.Why can't anyone be just... whelmed?" :D
    Vin!!! Continued please... on special request. :D

  4. don’t mind my language please, but
    fucking hell, you are a fucking master, like a rat on rollerblades.
    ok, that didnt really sound right but jeez, you’ve nailed it.
    you know i wouldnt want it to be continued, for one it won’t have the same kinda action secondly i like using my imaginative skills to conjure up what happens next :D

    Bloody hell i still can’t get over the fact that marlowe the wimpy non existent lawyer it now a stand up guy the actual hero, jeez and all this time i had this thought in the back of my head jill’s gonna get up and shoot dear ken smack btwn the eyes, but the lawyer that was brilliant.!

    1. And the director shouts,"Lights.Camera.ACTION!" He he.Let's see what happens next.:-)

  5. as I am reading more and more... you have actually etched out Vin's character very nicely.. the narcissism, the sarcasm and the good part coming out every now and then